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The Undressed: laundry care workshop, in collaboration with Miele, was a sustainable laundry care workshop that educated consumers about the environmental impacts caused by washing, drying and ironing clothing that took place at Miele’s Exclusives Private Lounge in Hong Kong on 26 August 2011.

Whilst much attention is placed on making the fashion industry more sustainable, life cycle analysis research indicates that around half of the negative environmental impact arising from the entire fashion industry is caused after the garment leaves the shop floor and hits consumers’ wardrobes, washing machines and ironing boards.

The  workshop focused on the positive steps that consumers can take to lighten the environmental load caused by their laundry, including washing at 30 degrees, line-drying, using appropriate doses of more sustainable washing detergents and using energy efficient and durable washing machines.

Designers Bonita Cheung and Hei Lau joined the workshop to share reconstructing tips to help the audience to reduce textile and clothing waste by reconstructing old pieces of their wardrobe into ‘new’ sustainable masterpieces.