In conversation with Christina


With her 2014 TEDx talk, “You are what you wear” still making waves on the internet, Redress founder Christina has been out and about continuing to spread the word about the positive power of fashion! She’s recently been invited to join a number of podcasts including Conscious Chatter where she shared her unconventional journey from dentistry to journalism to sustainable fashion activism, as well as insight on landfills after experiencing them firsthand. She also joined Magnifeco and Fashion Is Your Business during her recent visit to New York to promote the launch of the EcoChic Design Award in the USA, chatting about the next generation of designers and the positive direction they are pushing the fashion industry towards with their passion and sustainable design skills. If you’re in Hong Kong this week, join Christina for her live podcast recording on Friday (28 April) with #Impact - the session will also be followed by a screening of Frontline Fashion!