Rewriting the rules of fashion

Written by Bel Jacobs

The quest to create positive change in fashion just moved one stylish step forward. Enter BYT, the pioneering new designer up-cycled brand born from Redress’ 10-year history.

Based in Hong Kong, BYT offers an almost orchestral movement for change within the industry. “Doing something to transform fashion calls for a brave, holistic approach,” says Redress’ founder and BYT’s Co-founder, Christina Dean. “BYT will show the world how sustainable fashion can fulfill its potential - for people, planet and profit - by ambitiously proving that fashion can be a force for good.”

“We believe that business can be an agent of change,” says Michelle Bang, BYT Co-founder and CEO. “Pushing boundaries to do the best thing possible is at the core of what we do. Being bold calls for a bit of magic too.”

And where better to find that magic than amongst the EcoChic Design Award’s own hyper-talented competitors and alumni? As part of its unique structure, BYT works with emerging designers who want to tackle the industry’s problems head-on.

Bringing the concept to life, BYT’s first collection - classically cut jackets injected with contemporary twists and crafted in beautiful mixes of rescued fabrics – has been created by Kévin Germanier and Victor Chu, both previous prize winners of the EcoChic Design Award 2014/15. Next up to join the team will be the 2017 cycle winner, Kate Morris.

BYT has already gathered exceptional industry support in a collaborative effort to shift the fashion ‘business as usual’ needle. In addition to multiple luxury fashion brands - from where the surplus quality fabrics, trims and accessories used in the brand have been saved from landfill and incineration - the brand is also working with key partner TAL, Asia’s leading manufacturer with a focus on sustainable production. What’s coming up in the future is just as exciting: design collaborations with other brands and manufacturers are in the works.

BYT - which is code for new attitudes around lifestyle and fashion, whether this means ‘Be Yourself Today’ or ‘Begin Your Tradition’ - is also about creating new ways of consuming, including valuing the pieces themselves, as they deserve to be.

“Even though it’s at odds with being a commercial brand, we don’t want to perpetuate the cycle of buying more and more,” says Michelle. “That’s why pieces can be bought or rented and later returned to BYT for repair or recycling.”

“We want BYT customers to buy into our belief that fashion is something that is loved and cared for. With BYT, the huge mission to inspire change in the fashion industry has finally begun.”

BYT’s first collection now retails at and Lane Crawford. Plus, an exclusive line of BYT x Barneys New York up-cycled jackets will soon hit the US market. 10 per cent of BYT’s profits will go to Redress.

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This article originally appeared in the EcoChic Design Award 2017 Magazine.