We look back at the The Redress Forum 2015: Ford Design Challenge.

Steering sustainable design comes in many shapes and sizes – and industries. That’s why we merged two of the world's largest industries - clothes and cars - into one educational and creative design challenge.

This merging of minds happened at The Redress Forum 2015: Ford Design Challenge. Here, our ten 2014/15 finalists were tasked to transfer their sustainable design progress onto Ford Motor Company’s sustainable car seat fabrics. The challenge explored the designer’s impact on a product’s sustainability and delivered a healthy dose of cross-industry innovation sharing. In just three hours and working in teams of two, the finalists created up-cycled garments using Ford’s sustainable materials, including recycled fabrics made from plastic bottles that are already used in Ford’s vehicles. To drive the finalists’ creativity further, they went on a whistle-stop tour of Hong Kong’s highlights, from beaches to building sites, to inject inspiration from Hong Kong into their up-cycled garments.

Duo Veronica Lee and Amandah Andersson won the design challenge with their clever manipulation of Ford’s fabrics, which saw them scouring the fabrics’ surface to reveal new textures. This also bagged them each a HKD5,000 educational grant.

Watch The Redress Forum 2015: Ford Design Challenge unfold in our summary video on our YouTube channel, ‘Redress Asia’ and be wowed as the two worlds of clothes and cars collide overleaf.

This article first appeared in the EcoChic Design Award 2016 magazine.