Vote now to help new up-cycled brand BYT win funding

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Despite the fact that textiles are almost 100% recyclable, fashion still leaves behind piles of textile waste. China alone generates 26 million tonnes of textile waste every year. That’s equivalent to 11,400 buses filled with textile waste every single day! Co-founded by our very own Christina Dean, new fashion brand BYT is building on the 10-year legacy of Redress and making it their mission to transform the way that fashion is made and worn. Co-founder and CEO Michelle Bang has been nominated for the Chivas Venture, a fund supporting start-ups that are creating positive change and a better future. We’re calling for YOUR help to secure critical funding to ensure that this affordable luxury up-cycled fashion brand becomes a flying success. Simply click here to vote every week until 12 June, to enable them to secure a share of US$250,000. The fund is shared to finalists according to the number of votes they receive soyour every vote is literally worth gold to them! Please spread the word among your network to support BYT too. Thank you!