What does what you are wearing say about you? From what you buy, how you care and how often you wear your clothes all the way to how you dispose of them collectively makes statements about who you are. You’re dressed in the fabric of your sustainable or ethical wardrobe choices.

This year, we are challenging people all over the world to question their wardrobe habits. Make a resolution to make one positive change, from trying your first swap event, asking your favourite brands how your clothes were made, or to learning a new skill to keep your wardrobe working for you for longer. Get inspired by reading about the small things you can do to make a big difference in our sustainable style guides.

Make your resolution and join the movement by downloading one of the graphics below. Then take a picture and share with #getredressed on Instagram to make your pledge. Together, let’s get redressed in 2016! #youarewhatyouwear

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