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Fashion Revolution 2017



Returning as China country coordinator for Fashion Revolution this year, Redress were determined to make this important campaign louder than ever before in our region. Adding momentum to the 90 countries and 70,000 individuals that got involved worldwide last year, this week we’ve already seen fantastic activity from individuals, schools and organisations across Hong Kong and China who are using social media, workshops, swapping events and even school projects to demand a fairer, safer and cleaner fashion industry, and to drive more discussion around the current state of our relationship with our clothes.

We have also seen our documentary Frontline Fashion continue to intrigued viewers with the positive power of fashion through multiple screening events this week. A special shoutout to the 13 in 31 Shanghai volunteer group who have been inspiring consumers to "Buy less, choose well, do good” through a series of events including a 13-piece capsule wardrobe challenge.

You are not too late to join the movement - the easiest way is to take a photo of your clothing label and ask the brand or retailer #whomademyclothes? Head over to the online calendar for Fashion Revolution events happening near you this weekend, and click here to find out why and how to get involved. Join us in this global revolution, standing together to demand a better, more beautiful industry for all!