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Local charity Redress collects a record-breaking 9 tonnes of unwanted clothing for ‘Get Redressed Month’

Local charity Redress collects a record-breaking 9 tonnes of unwanted clothing for ‘Get Redressed Month’

Hong Kong – Across the city more than 80 companies, clubs and schools, joined Redress for their first #GetRedressed Month – kicking off the charity’s goal to turn October into the official month to take action against textile waste. Just over nine tonnes of unwanted clothing was collected through the drive, which also included a series of events and educational activities designed to drive awareness and shift behaviours among the general public.

Join #GetRedressed Month this October

We’re dedicating the month of October to action against textile waste  - and it’s not too late to take part. Redress aims to raise global awareness of the issues, and by working with the public, companies, clubs and schools throughout, aims to collect 7 tonnes of unwanted clothing in Hong Kong! 

Redress is championing multiple ways to keep clothes in the fashion loop for longer. During #GetRedressed Month you can be part of a local circular economy, learn about the real waste behind the fashion industry and make a difference. 

  1. Get informed: Take part in our free public events including talks, workshops and much more! Visit the schedule here.

  2. Get a conscious closet: Check out our mini-guide to get clued up on how you can shop smarter and make your clothes last longer.

  3. Donate your unwanted clothes: All clothing donated will be carefully sorted and redistributed to local charities including those benefiting refugees, migrants, women at risk, the elderly, babies, children and families who are all from a variety of low income backgrounds. Any clothes received that cannot be reused will be recycled.*  Check to see if your organisation is participating – 60 across Hong Kong are now signed up. Alternatively, you can find our public donation box locations here.

  4. Shop for a cause: This October you can flex your purse power for good. We have teamed up with a range of businesses so that when you spend your dollars, Redress will benefit. Explore them here.

  5. Strike a pose: Take a picture of your #GetRedressed outfits and share your stories with us on social media! Your #GetRedressed outfit could be secondhand, borrowed, rented, up-cycled, made from sustainable materials or simply a long-standing item in your wardrobe that you love and have worn over and over.

*Some items received that are not suitable for reuse or up-cycling and that are not of a recyclable material have no option but to go to landfill.

Acceptance of pre-loved clothing rises in Hong Kong!

Acceptance of pre-loved clothing rises in Hong Kong!

This month hundreds of Hong Kongers visited our latest Pop-up shop eager to get their hands on quality secondhand clothes and accessories from the Redress closet. Our pop-up generated valuable funding for Redress and our work to cut waste out of fashion whilst promoting the local circular economy, as shoppers revealed in the treasures that we freed from hibernation in Hong Kong’s wardrobes and put back into use in one of our largest clothing drives to date!

Get Redressed Pop-up Shop, OnTheList, Hong Kong

Get ready for the summer season and find yourself a bargain at our second-hand pop-up shop in Central at the OnTheList showroom!

  • Tues 3 July - 12 noon - 8pm
  • Wed 4 July - 8am - 8pm
  • Thurs 5 July - 8am - 8pm
  • Fri 6 July - 10am - 8pm

Our pre-loved clothing collection has every fashion style covered - from A(rmani) to Z(ara) and everything in between. Stop by and find suitable gifts for the kids, your partner, friends and of course, yourself!

Choosing to shop secondhand over new minimises the environmental impacts of your wardrobe. Redress has pre-selected top quality pre-loved (and some never worn) women's, men's and children's clothes and accessories. Our new book Dress [with] Sense will also be on sale!

We are partnering up again with OnTheList, who share our vision to minimise the negative impacts of fashion. Each year, an inestimable amount of clothing is destroyed by brands as they are no longer of any value. OnTheList helps brands make space in their warehouses sustainably, by organising weekly flash sales, members can enjoy the best deal in town and brands can turn their old inventory into an opportunity.

Spend over $500 and get entered in a draw to win John Masters Organics skincare goodies worth $1,100!

Visit John Masters Organics Hong Kong & Macau's Online Flash Sale at OnTheList here from 3-8 July! Up to 40% off all available haircare products.

All profits from our pop-up will go to supporting the work of Redress. Cash and credit cards accepted - don't forget to bring your own bag!

Hong Kong's public unite to recycle unwanted clothing as Redress pushes for more avenues for recovery

Hong Kong's public unite to recycle unwanted clothing as Redress pushes for more avenues for recovery

We're leading the charge in helping the Hong Kong public rethink their wardrobe waste. In partnership with laundry experts, Miele, 4.5 tonnes of clothing were collected this week after a short citywide campaign proving that consumers have no desire to throw away their unwanted clothing – of which almost 100% can be recycled. Engaging consumers on the value of keeping clothing in action for longer through better care, the clothing drive is part of our mission to expand our work to save more clothing from landfills.

10 Steps To A More Conscious Closet

10 Steps To A More Conscious Closet

It’s not too late to celebrate Redress' 10th anniversary with us. Join in on our campaign and take the ‘10 steps to a more conscious closet’, or make a one-off donation of $10/£10/€10 to help drive our work forward. You can even show Redress some extra love when shopping with our supporting partners, who have been fundraising on our behalf this month.