Who made your clothes?

It’s back... Fashion Revolution’s free online course (which launched last year), is running again on Future Learn. With just 4 hours a week for 3 weeks, discover who made your clothes, share their stories and influence global change with this course created in partnership with the University of Exeter.

The course is aimed at anyone with an interest in fashion, trade, ethics and activism, including those involved in the Fashion Revolution movement. It is also suitable for teachers who want to enrich their school, further education and higher education curricula.

Quick – the course started on 25 June, but you are not too late to catch up.

Training the trainers

Training the trainers

In 2005, Dame Ellen McArthur became the fastest solo sailor to circumnavigate the globe. During her journey, she realised just how important her resources were to survival: “Suddenly I realised our global economy is no different,” she told sustainable consultants McKinsey.

Today, Dame Ellen is one of the world’s most high profile proponents of a circular economy, in which waste is no longer discarded but becomes, instead, another precious resource.

Going circular

Going circular

My mother always told me “What goes around comes around”. I’ve carried this philosophy through life; even into how I think about how we make and dispose of clothes and how I imagine the circular economy.

The circular economy can sometimes seem confusing. But it’s simple. Think of how Mother Nature does it, she’s the circular economy master. When a tree falls over and decomposes, every part of that tree is put to good use feeding the forest floor and enriching all biodiversity,  soil, slugs, fungi and fauna included.


In response to a found need for a more sustainable education in the fashion curriculum among educators and students alike, Redress has launched the EcoChic Design Award Sustainable Fashion Educator Pack; a ready to use resource to facilitate educators in introducing the topics of A Garment’s Lifecycle, and the design techniques of Zero-waste, Up-cycling and Reconstruction to their lessons. The packs are modular, providing presentations, exercises and project briefs for educators to weave into their current curriculums with ease. Find out more here.

Alumni share their approach to sustainable design

Three brand new Designer's Guides are now available on our LEARN platform! Step into the design studios of our EcoChic Design Award alumni brands, Angus Tsui, Classics Anew and Wan & Wong Fashion, to get a behind the scenes look on how they apply the sustainable fashion design techniques of zero-waste, up-cycling and reconstruction to their work. Whether you are a student or designer, these step-by-step guides will be sure to inspire you to start your next sustainable fashion project. Make sure to check out our other resources and videos on sustainable design, sourcing, marketing and more too!