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We over-produce, over-consume and throw our clothes away prematurely.

Every day Hongkongers throw 343 tonnes of textiles into landfill, most of which is recyclable. In fact, globally, only 1% of material used to produce clothing is recycled back into new clothes at the end of its use .

It’s time for us to start taking ownership of our wardrobe habits and switch to more sustainable choices.

What is #GetRedressed Month?

Our annual clothing drive is growing and this year we’re turning October into a whole month of action against textile waste right across Hong Kong. Working with the public, companies, clubs and schools throughout the city we’re aiming to collect 7 tonnes of unwanted clothing and raise awareness of the issues.

We are championing multiple ways to keep clothes in the fashion loop for longer. During #GetRedressed Month you can be part of a local circular economy, learn about the real waste behind the fashion industry and make a difference.

  1. Get informed: Take part in our free public events including talks, workshops and much more! Visit the schedule here.

  2. Get a conscious closet: We’ll be imparting our insider fashion knowledge on how you can shop smarter, make your clothes last longer and have fun with preloved garments.

  3. Donate your unwanted clothes: All clothing donated will be carefully sorted and redistributed to local charities including those benefiting refugees, migrants, women at risk, the elderly, babies, children and families who are all from a variety of low income backgrounds. Any clothes received that cannot be reused will be recycled.* Check to see if your organisation is participating – 60 across Hong Kong are now signed up. Alternatively, you can find our public donation box locations here.

  4. Shop for a cause: This October you can flex your purse power for good. We have teamed up with a range of businesses so that when you spend your dollars, Redress will benefit. Explore them here.

*Some items received that are not suitable for reuse or up-cycling and that are not of a recyclable material have no option but to go to landfill.


  • Hold a #GetRedressed day at your workplace/school! Encourage your team to join in wearing their most long lasting items in their wardrobes, or clothes that have been up-cycled, bought secondhand, rented or borrowed! You can even give a prize for the best dressed member! Suggested donation per participant HKD20.

  • Make a pledge not to buy any clothes during October: You can even donate the money you would have spent to Redress!

  • Host a clothes swapping party with friends: Your unwanted clothes could be your best friend’s treasure. Put on some music and let the fashion frolics begin! You can even put a set price tag on all unwanted clothes that are swapped, which can then be donated to Redress.

  • Strut Your Stuff: Hold a charity fashion show, for example your models can wear up-cycled, vintage or sustainable garments. Proceeds from ticket sales for the show can be donated to support Redress’ work to cut waste out of fashion!

  • Get Quizzical: Run a quiz night and send the proceeds to Redress. You can even include a #GetRedressed round with fashion related questions which we can provide.

  • Movie Night: Host a screening of Frontline Fashion, a Redress documentary following the finalists of the world’s biggest sustainable fashion design competition, the Redress Design Award.

Whether you’re making a pledge to not buy new clothes in October, donating your unwanted clothes or just want to show us your favourite sustainable or pre-loved outfits - we want to hear from you!

  • Share your #GetRedressed story with us on Instagram.

  • Email us to tell us what you plan to do to make a stand against textile waste and to request resources!

#GetRedressed mini-guide

Download our mini-guide on how to get started on a journey to becoming a sustainable fashion warrior. It covers the basics from where to find the best pre-loved clothes in Hong Kong, to tips and tricks on how to keep your clothes wearable for longer!


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