About BYT

From concept to reality

Redress has always believed that the fashion industry can be more sustainable, environmentally, socially and economically. We’ve championed that sustainability, particularly with regards to waste reduction, is a winning formula that can be successful for the triple bottom line. We also passionately believe that sustainable design doesn’t need to compromise on style and we know that there are more and more fashion customers who wish to champion ethical, conscious and considered fashion that is design-driven and responsibly-made. We know that fashion can be a force for good and have always believed in the positive power of fashion. Now we want to prove this!

Introducing BYT

So after 10 years of talking about it, we made a bold, brave and brilliant decision to create a new social impact business; the new, affordable luxury up-cycled fashion brand, called BYT. BYT has ambitious plans for its sustainability pillars – including up-cycling fashion’s excess, working with those disenfranchised in the industry and with Asia’s top sustainable manufacturing facilities so that collectively, BYT’s collections are using the most innovative and sustainable processes available with their trusted partners.

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Proving that fashion can be a force for good

BYT will cultivate change and captivate consumers by providing luxury up-cyled fashion and accessories using inspiring social enterprises and Asia’s leading and largest sustainable manufacturers. 

BYT’s first up-cycled collection is now underway. Designer Kévin Germanier is up-cycling incredible luxury fabrics to create a glamorous womenswear collection that launches at the EcoChic Design Award 2017 Grand Final in September 2017. This will be available for customers to purchase the very same day on BYT’s future e-commerce platform. Following this, the winner of the 2017 competition will join BYT’s design team to design the second up-cycled collection, which will also retail at Lane Crawford, Asia’s leading iconic luxury department store. Later, BYT will expand to dress men and women of all ages, and following that children, all of whom will create a community of vibrant individuals who will trail blaze their own path to a better future for us all.

The team behind BYT  

To create BYT and turn it into reality, we carefully re-crafted our expert team, moving Michelle Bang, Redress’ former COO to become BYT’s CEO, and doubling Redress’ Founder, Christina Dean’s voluntary work to now include being Board Chair for both Redress and BYT. We then called upon Kévin Germanier, the EcoChic Design Award 2014/15 winner, to join as designer and have Margaret Kutt, our four-time EcoChic Design Award judge and former General Manager of Esprit, to advise on production. As such, the BYT team has a powerful history and passion for Redress’ mission. BYT was created as a new company that has a separate operating team and its own financials and Redress will receive support from BYT as we collaboratively continue the work and enable further change.  BYT is even breathing new life into a formerly unused global trademark, gifted by Redress’ Board Member, Fiona Kotur.

BYT and Redress walking the walk

This exciting relationship between Redress and BYT enables us collectively and collaboratively to provide a best case example of fashion, design and production. The collaboration enables Redress to prove what we have always believed – that the positive power of fashion can transform lives and the environment and that fashion can be a force for good.

Go to www.bytlife.com for more.